Return To Work Coordinator Training (NSW)

In NSW a Category 1 employer must employ or engage a person as a Return to Work Coordinator. This course meets the training requirements for Return to work coordinators.

A category 1 employer is an employer whose basic tariff premium is in excess of $50,000 per year; or an employer who is self insured; or an employer who is insured by a specialised insurer, and who employs more than 20 workers (WorkCover NSW).

This course is approved by Workcover NSW.



The Return to Work Coordinator Introduction Course is designed to provide participants with the basic skills and knowledge in the management of workplace injuries.



This course runs for 2 days.



This course is offered as an onsite and public course.



PUBLIC: $425 per participant (There is no GST on this course)
ON SITE: Please contact us for a quote. This course can only be conducted in Sydney.



No dates available. Contact us for details.